On a Personal Note…

Greetings, money mavens!  On June 1, MrBoomerMoneyandMore and I left our state-side home in good hands and took up temporary digs in Milan, Italy.  It seems MrBoomerMoneyandMore thinks he’s Italian. 😉  While here, my goal is to revamp the Web site, which requires the technical skills I don’t yet have but hope to acquire.  And … [Read more…]

Resilience: Your Most Valuable Retirement Skill. Here’s How to Build It. (Book Review.)

  The takeaway:  Nancy’s Schlossberg’s book, Too Young to Be Old, provides research-backed methods for building resilience against common life events occurring in our third act.  These events include facing ageism, building a new identity and sense of purpose outside of work, as well as dealing with health challenges and relationship changes–to name a few.  … [Read more…]

How to Stop the Sting of Retirement’s Out-of-Pocket Medical Bills. (Or at Least Reduce the Pain.)

The takeaway.  Out-of-pocket medical bills could be your biggest expense in retirement.  Research suggests that over the life of their retirement, a couple can expect to spend an average of $315,000 on such expenses.  Below are seven ways to stop the sting, or at least reduce the pain. $$$ Recently, Mr. Boomer-Money-and-More got into a … [Read more…]